Saturday, February 03, 2007

How To Choose A Golf Bag

Whether you are a beginner or a pro when it comes to playing golf, every golf enthusiast knows that next to the clubs the kind of golf bag you will be using is also important. You might be asking how a golf bag could affect your game directly. It doesn't. But it has some indirect impact with regards to the overall game the player will be playing. Factors like fatigue and comfort are also important.

There are four types of golf bags. We have the carry bags which are appropriate if you plan to do a lot of walking for the entire game. These are usually made of plastic, nylon or other light materials.

Then there are the stand golf bags that are equipped with retractable legs which enables the bag to stand at a certain angle. The great thing with these stand golf bags is that you don't have to be leaning down to get your clubs. Take note that with the carry bags you have to drop it to the ground when you need to make your swing. Then you have to fumble for the club you will be using. With the stand golf bag, your can have easy access to your clubs and they are kept clean and dry especially in muddy areas.

You also have cart golf bags which are designed to be used on the golf cart so wouldn't need to carry them. These are large and bulky and can carry a full set of 14 clubs. They are designed with individual compartments so as to avoid the clubs from moving against each other which can cause damage.

The last kind is the golf travel bag which is used when golf clubs are brought while traveling especially by plane. They offer the needed protection for your clubs.

When you choose a golf club, you need to consider your needs. With cart golf bags you can conserve most of your energy for the game since you won't need to be carrying it. But despite this you still need to check if you could at least carry the cart bag when loaded for you will be carrying it from your car to the golf cart and vice versa. If you have cabbie when you play you can opt for either the carry bag or stand bag. If you will be carrying it yourself check if it is comfortable to carry. But nowadays there are a lot of very light weight carry golf bags.

The golf bag has truly evolved through the years with you being able to customize it to suit your style. They even come with accessories like umbrella, rainwear and golf gloves. For women, you can even have matching handbags with it. Whatever be the golf bag that you will be selecting, just make sure that it meets your needs and budget.

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