Monday, January 22, 2007

Important Golf Factors…Posture & Stance

The stance can be said to be the most important part of the golf game. Even if you think you’ve mastered the technique, or are just starting out, certain basic tips can ensure a good shot every time.

Posture is key for the starting position. A straighter back will give a better angle for your shot; being hunched over not only creates a poor appearance, but will directly effect how the ball is hit. With a straight back, keep your feet together, with the club out in front.

With your back still straight, lean forward slightly, angling your body so as your top half above the hip is forward, with your legs still remaining straight.

Now the knee can be bent slightly, while keeping a comfortable balance on your feet.

You can adjust your position forward or backward to find the best positioning for your body, still staying with knees bent and your upper half slightly forward, and your feet shoulder width apart.

How the club is held depends on the length of the club. If working with a shorter iron, the ball can be closer to the feet, so the club head can end directly at the ball and at the center point between your feet. With a longer iron, the center point should still remain, with the ball further away from your feet.

Having a perfect stance will also help with any type of shot you encounter. Not only with the easy shots, but if your stance is proper, the complicated shots will be all the much easier to master.

The stance should be practiced with all types of clubs; a key part of the game is having a stance that can remain solid while using a variety of clubs. Using a long iron versus a short iron, a wood versus a putter can help you with your game. Practicing with a variety of clubs will not only improve your versatility, but will ensure a solid stance throughout the game.

The stance will ensure that not only your swing, but how the ball is hit, is solid. Even off the course, practice your stance. In your living room, hold a club and practice the steps to creating a stance that will become natural on the course.

This stance is the most important to practice; with a good stance you have the proper foundation for the perfect swing and the perfect shot.

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